These are short animations done in Adobe Animate
A fun little animation of a lighthouse using only simple shapes.
This short animations is of a fife player marching down a path.
Here are various projects that were done in Adobe After Effects
These two videos were for a word association project. The word light (left) was made to represent neon lights and the word snow (right) has snowflakes that I drew falling to create the word snow.
Video of the forest was provided by Matthias on This project was done using 3D camera tracking. Using one of my images to look like Santa Clause is in the video of the woods.
For this project I removed the jellyfish from the background and animated it, making it look the jellyfish is moving across the screen.
Using track matting I created this intro slide for a character I created.
Crimson Tempest is a illustration that I had created. It was fun adding some animation to it to make the character have more life to it.
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