My gaming friends know me as Serferis, from a character I created in Final Fantasy XI. Ever since then I used that name as my gamer tag. Now I use that name for all my art as well! I even came up with a personality for him and wanted to create what he looks like. The image on the left is the second iteration of Serferis, the one on the right was my first attempt to create what he looks like. The scythe and sword are possible weapons for him to use.
Just like Serferis, Kaileena has two different looks. Although her chibi drawing is still not finished, I plan on using a similar look for her normal drawing.
Xavior may be dim-witted, however he is a very capable fighter. He uses a very un-orthodox weapon, the scythe-chuck. 

Aoisa may be cute, however she has a temper and is deadly with her healing hammer. One of my friends made Aoisa in Final Fantasy XI and still uses that gamer tag. I made this character to look like the character he plays as.

Juno is a genius historian and explorer. However, due to a tragic accident, His mind was split between him and a familiar he can summon.

Charlotte is one of the first characters I made that was not based on a video game character, that my friends or myself created. She is a very skilled technician working on everything from airships to toasters. She loves to tinker with anything she can get her hands on.

I drew these for a friend. He obviously loves video games and occasionally streams them on Twitch.
Here a a couple of the cute chibi I have drawn.
I have drawn some fan-art of some of various characters, from anime, to ones I seen in a book.
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