Pumpkin Jack was a fun character I created just for Halloween.

Bugsy Toons came about because a sound design project made me think about the classic Saturday morning cartoons.

Originally I made this design to be a sticker, but it turned out so good that I added a background for larger prints.

Sumer Vibes is a series that I plan to add a new character to every summer. They are really cute and I have enjoyed creating them.

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince was a game I enjoyed playing so much, that I created this illustration based off the game.

Loving Winter's Night is a piece of a loving couple taking a night stroll through a park. 

Zetsubo no Kiri, which roughly translates to "Fog of Despair" gives an animus feeling with fog rolling off the mountains

This is an image I had originally drawn in pencil, from an art book. I decided to redraw that image digitally and add color.

I thought that it would be nice to draw a couple enjoying the beach. Especially since I could not this year. 

This design was initially to be just a simple design for the image on the left. However, I got carried away and it became a whole design on it's own.

This is a digital re-design of a piece I did for my color theory class.

Haru Matsuri is Japanese for spring festival. I came up with this design, because of my love for Japanese culture, and wanting to go to Japan one day to see the cherry blossoms.

I initially came up with this while playing a game called Okami. Sakura Sunrise is my take on the iconic Japanese imagery with the cheery blossom branch going across the rising sun.

Crimson Tempest, is a design I had came up with for a design contest. I may not have won the contest, because of the tough competition I had. However, the design still turned out really amazing.

Happy holidays! When I have time, I like to come up with new images for the holidays to send to friends and family!
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